一、Word and Phrase Translation 20 points, 1 point each 参考答案见试卷末尾


2、two-way radio

3、global integration

4、Silicon Valley

5、data processing

6、the Suez Canal

7、blood circulation

8、housing mortgage

9、ruling principle

10、interest-free loan











二、Translation Revision 20 points, 2 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、原文: I hope to read the novel in the original.译文: 我希望读这本小说最初的版本

2、原文:As never before in their long history, universities have become instruments of national competition as well as instruments of peace.译文: 大学如今已成为国家竞争和和平的工具,这在大学的历史上是前所未有的

3、原文: You can also find, among the new offices of the financial district,the building where Dr. Samuel Johnson(1709-1784) once lived.译文: 你在金融区的新办公室中也能找到塞缪尔·约翰逊博士(1709-1784)曾经居住过的房子

4、原文: Global temperatures in recent months have been at their highest levels in records that go back 130 years.译文: 近几个月全球气温达到了130年前气象记录的最高水平

5、原文:The company‘s insistence on using its proprietary e-book publishing software makes it more difficult for publishers to control the layout of the book.译文: 这家公司对使用其专利电子书出版软件的坚持使出版商更难控制图书的版式

6、原文: 在这件事情上我们有共同语言,很谈得来。译文: We have common language on that matter and get along well with each other

7、原文: 2008年如能在北京热烈欢迎各位客人,这将是我们最喜悦的盛事。译文: Welcoming all guests with open arms in Beijing in the year 2008 is our delight

8、原文: 十年前在飞机场看到的一件事使我至今难忘。译文: Ten years ago, an incident that witnessed at an airport made me unforgettable

9、原文: 雾为接地之云,云为空中之雾,有可供人们游览观赏的价值。译文: Fog is the cloud near the ground, while cloud is the fog in the sky. Both have visiting and appreciating values

10、原文: 可以预言,这种材料在飞机或其他飞行器上的应用将会与日俱增,并且在其他工业中的应用也会扩大。译文:It can be predicted that this material will be increasingly applied to aeroplanes or other flight vehicles and its use will also be increased in other industries

三、Sentence Translation 20 points, 2 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、Some people consider their journey like a jaunty tour. They will just go merrily along. (Others will encounter many upsets, tears and losses on their journey.) Others still, will linger on to offer a helping hand to anyone in need

2、One source of anger is failed attempts to change in the past. (People become so frustrated by earlier efforts that they can actually become mad when you point to an important new issue.)

3、Increasing human number places intense pressure on ecosystems and natural resources, and this pressure is expected to increase until world population stabilizes at about 10 billion by 2050 to 2070. (However, this stabilization will be achieved only if present efforts to check population growth are pursued vigorously.)

4、Slower population growth is affecting the developing world as well. (According to many media experts, this picture of stagnant or declining labor forces is cause for panic.) After all, it means that countries will be seeing an increase in the ratio of retirees to workers

5、(London is bigger, dirtier and more crowded than one would imagine from the descriptions in many magazines and books.) It has around million inhabitants and sprawls over a huge area, mostly of suburbs where tourists seldom go. The city streets are narrow and often blocked by traffic

6、我应集中精力,读我所未读过的书。(我应该利用所有的时间,写我所要写的东西。) 但是我没能这样做,我的好多的时间都糊里糊涂的混过去了





四、Passage Translation 40 points, 20 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、You‘re on holiday but surreptitiously check your work emails the moment you wake up. You get anxious if there‘s no Wi-Fi in the hotel or mobile phone signal up the mountain. You fret if your phone is getting low on power, and you secretly worry things will go wrong at work if you‘re not there. These are the typical signs of "always on" stress induced by smartphone addiction. For some people, portable connected devices have liberated them from the constraints of the nine-to-five. Flexible working has given them more autonomy over their working lives and enabled them to spend more time with their friends and families. For many others though, smartphones have become tyrants in their pockets, never allowing them to switch off, relax and recharge their batteries. The negative impacts of this "always on" culture are that your mind is never resting, you‘re not giving your body time to recover, so you‘re always stressed

2、非洲国家占联合国会员国的四分之一,人口占世界的13%。没有非洲的稳定,就没有世界的和平;没有非洲的繁荣,就没有世界的发展。非洲国家在发展领域,特别是实现千年发展目标(Millennium Development Goals)方面仍面临困难:3亿多人口生活在贫困线以下,三分之一的儿童营养不良,3000多万人受到艾滋病困扰,经济总量不足全球的2%,债务却高达3000亿美元。这是对人类良知的挑战


【一、Word and Phrase Translation】

1 反倾销  2 对讲机  3 全球一体化  4 硅谷  5 数据/资料处理 


【二、Translation Revision】

1 改译: 我希望阅读这本小说的原版。  2 改译: 大学如今已成为提高国家竞争力与维护和平的工具,这在大学的历史上是前所未有的。按照中文的习惯把 have become instruments of national competition as well as instruments of peace翻译成提高国家竞争力与维护和平的工具  3 改译: 在金融区的新办公楼群中,你会找到塞缪尔.约翰逊博士(1709-1784)曾经居住过的房子。among the new offices翻译成在新的办公楼群中  4 改译: 近几个月全球气温达到了130年气象记录的最高水平。  5 改译: 这家公司坚持使用其专利电子书出版软件,这使出版商更难控制图书的版式。句子中修饰主语的定语过长,为了不使主语累赘,将主语翻译成一个完整的句子,之后用“这”指代句子的主语,即前面整个句子 


【三、Sentence Translation】

1 另一些人在旅途中会遇上很多烦心事,泪流涟涟,每每失落。  2 先前的努力白费了,人们沮丧不已。倘若你又提出新的重要问题,他们可能会发疯。point to翻译成‘提出”;an important new issue翻译成“新的重要问题”;become mad翻译成“发疯”  3 但是,只有现在继续强有力地控制人口增长,才能达到人口稳定。  4 媒体界许多专家认为,这种劳动力规模停滞或下降的情形引发了恐慌情绪。media expert翻译成“媒体界专家”;this picture of stagnant or declining labor forces翻译成“这种劳动力规模停滞或下降的情形”;is cause for翻译成“引发了”  5 与人们在阅读了书籍杂志后而想象出的伦敦相比,伦敦其实更大、更脏、也更拥挤。one would imagine from the descriptions in many magazines and books翻译成“在阅读了书籍杂志后想象的伦敦” 


【四、Passage Translation】

1 参考译文: 你在度假,可每天早上一醒来就悄悄查看工作邮件。住酒店时发现不能无线上网,或者登山时山上没有手机信号,你会坐立不安。手机快要没电了,你就焦虑不安:要是此时又不在上班,你就会暗暗担心那里的工作会出什么差错。这些都是由“智能手机控引发的“全天开机”症的典型征兆。 对一些人来说,便携式联网设备已经把他们从“朝九晚五”的束中解放出来。灵活的工作方式让他们上班更加自主,能够有更多时间陪伴朋友和家人。不过,对许多其他人来说,智能手机已变成他们口袋里的“暴君”,绝不允许他们关机、休息,给手机充电。这种“全天开机”文化的负面影响使大脑永远得不到休息,体力得不到恢复,所以总是心力交瘁。’be on holiday"翻译成"在度假”;”surreptitiously check your work emails“翻译成”悄悄查看工作邮件“;“get anxious"翻译成”坐立不安“;”typical signs"翻译成“典型征兆”;“switch off"翻译成”关机“;”negative impact"翻译成“负面影响”  2 African countries take up a quarter of the UN menbership and their population accounts for 13% of the world's total. If there is no stability in Africa, the peace of the world will be challenged, If Africa remains poor, the development of the world will be checked. African countries are confronted with difficulties in their devvelopment, particularly in attaining the Millennium Development Goals. Over 300 million people are still living below the poverty line. One third of the children are malnourished. More than 30 million people are suffering from HIV/AIDS. With less than 2%of the world's economic aggregate, Africa is weighed down by debts amounting to US$300 billion. All these pose a challenge to the conscience of mankind.“非洲国家”翻译成“African countries”;“占联合国会员国的四分之一”翻译成“take up a quarter of the UN menbership”;“人口占世界的13%”翻译成“population accounts for 13% of the world‘s total”;“稳定”翻译成“stability”;“面临”翻译成“be confronted with"; ”贫困线“翻译成”poverty line"; "营养不良“翻译成”malnourished"; “经济总量”翻译成“economic aggregate”; “对人类良知的挑战”翻译成“ pose a challenge to the conscience of mankind” 


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