一、Word and Phrase Translation 20 points, 1 point each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、cross-border e-commerce

2、dress code

3、labour crunch

4、universal rights

5、cosmetic surgery

6、registered capital

7、death toll

8、money laundering

9、Declaration of Independence

10、competitive advantages











二、Translation Revision 20 points, 2 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、原文:As far as the workforce is concerned, the growth of self-employment has nearly doubled in the UK over the past 25 years.译文:就劳动力而言,英国的个体经营者的数量在过去25年中翻了近两倍

2、原文:For weeks, central Russia has been in the grips of its worst ever heat wave, which has caused probably thousands of fatalities.译文:几周以来,俄罗斯中部地区深陷于历史上最严重的、已造成可能高达数千人死亡的热浪之中

3、原文:It is the responsibility of educators to help their students live satisfying and responsible lives.译文:它是教育工作者的责任,帮助学生过上令人满意且责任重大的生活

4、原文:Most Chinese I encounter outside of government and some in government, seem to convince that the United States seeks to contain China.译文:我在政府之外遇到的大多数中国人,以及某些中国政府内部人士,似乎认定美国谋求遏制中国

5、原文:For most women, the most powerful source of their tears lies in their relationship with men, and particularly their experiences of being abandoned.译文:对于大多数的妇女来说,她们流泪的最有力的原因是她们与男人的关系,特别是在她们被男人抛弃的时候

6、原文:居民对美好生活的向往就是我们的创业目标。译文:Residents‘ aspiration for a happy life is just what we struggle for

7、原文:因SARS而产生的惊恐则会削弱我们的免疫系统,从而使我们更容易感染上这种可怕的疾病。译文:The panic which is generated by SARS will weaken our immune system, which will make us more infective to this dreaded disease

8、原文:在追求真理时,大多数人会选择走容易走的大路,而这样的路往往引向灭亡。译文:When seeking the truth, most people will choose an easy way, but it leads to death

9、原文:在过去20年改革开放的过程中,中田已经成为世界上经济增长最快的国家之一。译文:China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world over the past two decades since its reform and opening-up

10、原文:中国教育那些饱受诟病的顽疾会否受到”洋大学“的冲击而产生“鲇鱼效应”译文:Will the widely denounced problems in China’s education be shocked by the “foreign universities” and produce a “catfish effect’‘

三、Sentence Translation 20 points, 2 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、Given that governments have many other programs to support and that people resist higher taxes, finding the money to pay for such an effort becomes increasingly difficult.(Universities must therefore try to provide a quality education to more students while sending as little money as possible.)

2、Competition protects the freedom of the individual by ensuring that there is no monopoly of power.( In contrast toone, all-powerful government, many businesses compete against each other for profits.) If one business is unfair to its customers, it will fail to competing with business which treats its customers more fairly

3、According to the New York Times, (China‘s Defense Ministry issued a statement on its website expressing “strong opposition" to Japanese white paper, )saying the document played up the "China threat theory," and pledging not to alter Beijing‘s fundamentally defensive military posture

4、Pub etiquette is designed to promote sociability in a society known for its reserve.(Standing at the bar for service allow you to chat with others to be served.)The bar counter is possibly the only site in the British Isles in which friendly conversation with strangers is considered entirely appropriate

5、To the right of the country was more or less mountainous, that is, (solitary hills stood up from its level, with stretches of cultivated lands between, amongst which we could distinctly see groups of dome shaped huts. )The landscape lay before us as a map, where in rivers flashed like silver snakes






四、Passage Translation 40 points, 20 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、If lwere a book, l would hate the pleasure that other forms of art provide. The pleasure that distracts men, women and children from the pleasure that I, a book, could give. But would I really have all that much to worry aboutAfter all, going to the theater is a little complicated. Seeing a film involves a lot of running around. And watching TV requires that one stays at home and keeps zapping (切换频道). But I, a book, can go anywhere in my reader‘s pocket, when he gets on a bus, takes a train, waits in line for a haircut.In fact, my only real competition is the Walkman (随身听), which can also be taken anywhere and provides a one-on-one relationship. Dangerous, this WalkmanYes and no. Everything comes in cycles. One day people will have had enough noise. They‘ll be brave. And, I‘m certain, they ‘Il take a good ballpoint pen and start making notes in books

2、在英国,车辆为什么要“靠左行”呢据记载,罗马教皇卜尼法斯八世(Boniface VⅢ) 在1300年举行第一个基督教庆典时,命令所有赴罗马的朝圣者均须“靠左行”,在当时,“靠左行”是有道理的,因为一般人都是右手便利,如果靠左行,右手就永远处于外侧,以便做其他事情,另外,当时人们的交通工具是马,而上下马必须在左边,左边的马路边上造些马石( platform).人们踩石上马便可疾奔而去


【一、Word and Phrase Translation】

1 跨境电子商务  2 着装要求  3 劳动力短缺  4 普世权利  5 整容手术/整形手术 


【二、Translation Revision】

1 改译:就劳动而言,英国的个体经营者的数量在过去25年中翻了将近一番。  2 改译:几周以来,俄罗斯中部地区深陷于历史上最严重的热浪之中,由此而造成的死亡人数可能高达数千。为了使句子保持合适的长度,我们不把非限定定语从句当做定语来翻译,而是提出来单独翻译  3 改泽:教育工作者有责任帮助学生过上令人满意且富有责任感的生活。  4 改译:我遇到的大多数非政府人士的中国人,以及某些中国政府内部人士,似乎认定谋求遏制中国。句中outside of government作为后置定语修饰的是Most Chinese,即非政府人士  5 改译:对于大多数的妇女来说,最能让她们流泪的是她们与男人的关系,特别是在她们被男人抛弃的时候。the most powerful source of their tears若翻译成“她们流泪的最有力的原因”非常生硬,因此我们翻译成“最能让她们流泪的是” 


【三、Sentence Translation】

1 因此,大学必须在尽量少花钱的同时仍要努力为更多学生提供优质的教育。“while”表示“在……的同时”  2 与独此一家且拥有最高权力的政府不同,许多商业组织为了获取利润而相互竞争。形容词“one”在句中表示“独此一家”  3 中国国防部在其网站上发表声明,对日本白皮书表示“坚决反对”。  4 在酒吧排队时可以和其他等着买酒的人闲聊几句。  5 平地上耸起一座座小山,小山之间是一块块耕地,耕地里一群群圆顶小屋清晰可见。词组“solitary hills”我们翻译成“一座座小山”,“stretches of cultivated lands”翻译成“一块块耕地”,“groups of dome shaped huts”我们翻译成“一群群圆顶小屋” 


【四、Passage Translation】

1 假如我是一本书,我会讨厌其他艺术形式所带来的快乐。这些快乐会转移男女老少的注意力,而使他们忽视了我所能给予的乐趣。但是,我真的要担心这么多吗?毕竟,去剧院要费些周折;看电影免不了跑腿赶路;看电视又得呆在家里,还要不断换台。可我作为一本书,却可以去任何地方:在读者的口袋里随他一起坐汽车、乘火车、排队理发。其实,我唯一的竞争对手是随身听。随身听也可以随身携带,与主人建立起一对一的关系。随身听真的会给我带来威胁吗?会,也不会。世间万物循环往复。总有一天,人们会受够了喧闹的声音。那时他们就会鼓起勇气,告别随身听。我敢断定,他们将愉快地拿起笔,开始读书,做标记。注意文中一些关键表达的翻译。“distracts…from”翻译成“忽视了”,“have all that much to worry about”翻译成“真的要担心这么多”,“a little complicated”翻译成“费些周折”,“involves a lot of running around”翻译成“免不了跑腿赶路”,“requires that one stay home”翻译成“呆在家里”,“waits in line for”翻译成“排队”,“my only real competition”翻译成“我唯一的竞争对手”,“provides a one-on-one relationship”翻译成“建立起一对一的关系”,“comes in cycles”翻译成“循环往复”,“have had enough noise”翻译成“会受够了喧闹的声音”,“They’ll be brave”翻译成“他们就会鼓起勇气”,“take a good ballpoint pen”翻译成“愉快地拿起笔”,“start making notes in books”翻译成“开始读书,做标记”  2 Why does traffic keep to the left in Britain? According to the records concerned, when the first Christian celebration was held in 1300 by the Pope Boniface Ⅷ, all the pilgrims traveling to Rome were ordered to keep to the left. At that time, it was reasonable to keep to the left, because people generally used their right hand. If they kept to the left, the right hand was always on the outside to do other things. Besides, people used horses for transportation at that time, and they got on and off their horses from the left. Therefore, platforms were built on the left side of the road for people’s convenience. And they could get on the horse from the platform and ride off immediately.注意文中一些关键表达的翻译。“车辆”翻译成“traffic”,“据记载”翻译成“According to the records concerned”,“教皇”翻译成“Pope”,“基督教”翻译成“Christian”,“罗马”翻译成“Rome”,“朝圣者”翻译成“pilgrim”,“举行第一个基督教庆典”翻译成被动语态,“……是有道理的”翻译成“it was reasonable to”,“处于外侧”翻译成“on the outside”,“交通工具”翻译成“for transportation”,“上下马”翻译成“got on and off their horses”,“疾奔而去”翻译成“ride off”,“左边的马路边上造些马石”翻译成被动语态 


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