一、Word and Phrase Translation 20 points, 1 point each 参考答案见试卷末尾


2、armed conflict

3、jet plane

4、nuclear proliferation

5、mainframe computer

6、digital revolution

7、quiz show

8、exotic organism

9、facial expression

10、Banner headline











二、Translation Revision 20 points, 2 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、原文: I am not for criticizing the spelling mistakes in your essay.译文: 我不是为了挑剔你文章中的拼写错误

2、原文: Most national news has an important financial aspect toit.译文: 大多数国内新闻都有重要的金融方面

3、原文: Harnessing that energy for peaceful purposes has been a lot moredifficult though there are good reasons to keep trying.译文: 为和平目的而控制这种能量向来就困难得多,虽然有很好的理由继续尝试

4、原文:I accept the finality of this outcome which will be ratified(确认)next Monday in the Electoral College(总统选举团).译文:我接受了下星期一会在总统选举团会议上得到确认的这个不可改交的结果

5、原文:We are now discovering that regional and national differences in Europe are not dissolving and that their people think and act very differently from one another.译文:我们现在正在发现,欧洲各国、各地区之问的差异并没有正在溶解,欧洲人的观念和做法更是千差万别

6、原文:无论各企业完成该任务的情况是好是坏,它们所付出的努力都应得到政府的认可。译文:No matter the enterprises perform this task well or badly, their efforts deserve the government‘s recognition

7、原文:最令人怵目惊心的一件事,是看着钟表上的秒针一下一下的移动,每移动一下就是表示我们的寿命已经缩短了一部分。译文:It is most starling to see a watch or clock clicking away the seconds,each click indicating the shortening ofone‘s life by a little bit

8、原文:有许多宝贵的品质是无法通过考试来评判的,这一点却常常被人所忽视。译文:What is often neglected is that there are many valuable qualities cannot be evaluated by examinations

9、原文:专家提醒说,雾对人体健康的危害有很大的隐蔽性。译文:Experts caution that fog has great concealment of harmful effect on our health

10、原文:中国是个农耕古田,其生产周期与大自然四季一轮的周期同步。译文:China has been an old agricultural country, its production cycle keeps in step with the cycle ofthe four seasons

三、Sentence Translation 20 points, 2 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、Poetry is a kind of "saying." (It is, however, a kind that many people, until they become well acquainted with it feel that her peculiar and even useless.)They feel this way for two reasons: the "way of the saying" and the "natureof the said

2、In 1863 the Football Association was established in England, and the rules of the game have remained essentially the same ever since. (Their relative simplicity, and need for little equipment ensured that it became very popular.)The power of the British Empire meant that it became played in every comer of the world

3、The international monetary system needs fundamental reform. (It is not the cause of the recent imbalances and current instability in the global economy but it certainly has been ineffective in addressing them. )So a broad set of reforms is required, beginning with an immediate expansion of the current system

4、In the early years of schooling, children are constantly encouraged to produce images, and to illustrate their written work. (Teachers comment on these illustrations as much as they do on the written part of the text,) though perhaps not quite in the same vein

5、Conflict is not inherent in a nation‘s rise.(The United States in the 20th century is an example of a state achieving eminence without conflict with the dominant countries. )Nor was the often-cited German-British conflict inevitable. Thoughtless and provocative policies played a role in transforming European diplomacy into a zero-sum game



8、诺亚方舟(Noah‘s Ark)确实可以说是一件旷古绝今的工程杰作,实在是具有现代人值得学习的成分。现代的科学和工艺虽然发达,有可能还造不出来跟诺亚时代一样的方舟来



四、Passage Translation 40 points, 20 points each 参考答案见试卷末尾

1、Losing your temper is not just a social hazard. It’s also a health risk, with new research showing that the chance of a heart attack is 8.5 times higher in thetwo hours after a burst of intense anger. In the first Australian study to investigate the link between acute emotional triggers and high risk of severe cardiac episodes, researchers found that "episodes of intense anger can act as a trigger for a heart attack", says lead author Dr.Thomas Buckley from the University of Sydney Nursing School who is also a researcher at Royal North Shore Hospital. "The data shows that the higher risk of a heart attack isn‘t necessarily just while you‘re angry it lasts for two hours after the outburst," Dr. Buckley says. "The triggers for these bursts of intense anger were associated with: arguments with family members (29 per cent); arguments with others (42 percent); work anger (14 per cent); and driving anger (14 per cent)

2、房子租期将满的那天,我去看房子,收回钥匙.我在检查房内的设施时,突然发现卫生间里的马桶( commode)竟然换了新的。男人看着我一脸惊讶,笑着说:“花几十块钱,是小事,换了,水就不会白白流掉了。”他告诉我,他家乡长年缺水,人们把水看得比油还珍贵,如果谁要浪费一点水,就是天大的罪过.所以.当他和妻子发现卫生间里的长流水,就觉得很不自在。最后,他们决定自己出钱,买一个新马桶装上


【一、Word and Phrase Translation】

1 码头区  2 武装冲突  3 喷气式飞机  4 核扩散  5 主机(主计算机) 


【二、Translation Revision】

1 改译: 批评你文章中有拼写错误,我不赞同。  2 改译: 大多数国内新闻都与重要的金融信息有关。  3 改译: 这种能量用于和平用途向来就困难得多,但继续尝试的理由还是很充分的。Harnessing that energy for peaceful purposes是句子主语,指的是“将该能量用于和平用途”,there are good reasons to do sth.表示有充足的理由做某事  4 改译:我接受了这个结果的不可改变性。下星期一,这个结果会在总统选举团会议上得到确认。由which引导的定语从句修饰先行词outcome。翻译时,由于句子过长,我们可以把定语从句提出来单独翻译  5 改译:我们渐渐发现,欧洲各国、各地区之间的差异依然存在,欧洲人的观念和做法更是千差万别。dissolve有“溶解、消失”的意思。这里我们应该选择“消失”这一含义 


【三、Sentence Translation】

1 但是,对于很多不了解诗歌的人来说,这种“说话”显得非常奇怪,甚至毫无用处。until有“到……为止,在……以前”的意思。句中until they become well acquainted with it是一个插入部分。原句的意思是“在人们不了解诗歌之前,人们都会感觉诗歌古怪甚至无用”  2 足球运动规则简单易行,而且不需要多少设备,因而这项运动迅速风靡英伦。这里的名词词组“their relative simplicity”和“need for little equipment”不能直译,而最好译为主谓结构“足球运动规则简单易行,而且不需要多少设备”  3 他并非是全球经济近来失衡和眼下不稳的根源,但的确尚未有效应对这些问题。address有“对付,处理,设法了解并解决”的意思。例如Mr King sought to address those fears when he spoke at the meeting.金先生在会上讲话时试图消除那些恐惧  4 老师像批改文字部分一样,给这些插图写评语。  5 20世纪的美国就是一个例证,它在脱颖而出的过程中并没有与当时占据主导地位的国家发生冲突。of在这里是介词短语做后置定语。翻译时为了避免句子过长,可以提出来单独翻译 


【四、Passage Translation】

1 情绪失控不仅仅会造成社会危害,还会带来健康隐患。新的研究表明,在愤怒强烈爆发后的两个小时内,心脏病的发病机率会提高8.5倍。澳大利亚近期首次完成了一项有关情感激烈波动与心脏病急性发作的高风险之间的关系的研究。该项研究报告的主笔,悉尼大学护理学院的托马斯?巴克莱博士(他同时也是北海岸皇家医院的研究员)指出,研究人员发现“强烈的愤怒会诱发心脏病”。不过他继续解释道:“数据显示心脏病的高发机率并不是一定出现在生气当时,在愤怒爆发后的两个小时内都有可能。而暴怒自身的诱因主要有以下四个:与家庭成员的争吵(29%)、与外人的争执(42%)、工作上的不满(14%)和开车时的不顺(14%)。”注意文中一些关键表达的翻译。“lose your temper”翻译成“情绪失控”,“social hazard”翻译成“社会危害”,“health risk”翻译成“健康隐患”,“8.5 times higher”翻译成“会提高8.5倍”,“Australia”翻译成“澳大利亚”,“cardiac episode”翻译成“心脏病急性发作”,“Dr.”翻译成“博士”,“Sydney”翻译成“悉尼”,“Nursing School”翻译成“护理学院”,“Royal North Shore Hospital”翻译成“北海岸皇家医院”,“act as a trigger”翻译成“会诱发”,“lead author”翻译成“主笔”,“Dr. Buckley says”翻译成“他继续解释道”,“arguments”翻译成“争执”,“work anger”翻译成“工作上的不满”,“driving anger”翻译成“开车时的不顺”  2 On the day when the lease expired, I went to check my flat and ask back the key. While checking the indoor facilities, I was surprised that the old commode in the bathroom should have been replaced. Noticing my surprise, the man said with a smile, “No big deal. Just a few bucks for a new one. Water will be saved.” Then, he explained that his hometown suffered from water shortage all year round. For this reason, water was considered more precious than oil. Whoever wasted a little water would be condemned as sinful. Therefore, when he and his wife saw water leaking in the bathroom, they felt ill at ease. That’s why they finally decided to have a new commode fixed at their own expense.注意文中一些关键表达的翻译。“租期将满”翻译成“the lease expired”,“看房子”翻译成“check my flat”,“收回”翻译成“ask back”,“房内的设施”翻译成“indoor facilities”,“卫生间”翻译成“bathroom”,“竟然换了新的”翻译成“should have been replaced”,“看着我一脸惊讶”翻译成“Noticing my surprise”,“花十几块钱”翻译成“Just a few bucks”,“白白流掉”翻译成“Water will be saved”,“缺水”翻译成“water shortage”,“天大的罪过”翻译成“sinful”,“看得比油还珍贵”翻译成“”,“如果……就”翻译成“”,“长流水”翻译成“”,“觉得很不自在”翻译成“was considered more precious than oil”,“自己出钱”翻译成“at their own expense”,“买了一个新的马桶装上”翻译成“have a new commode fixed” 


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